Shopify POS Vs. Square: Which Is The Best Point-Of-Sales Software?

When shopping for point-of-sales software, you might want to compare two processing solutions. This is why we have stacked up Shopify with other leading option – Square.

Since both of these platforms come with robust features, they compete quite aggressively to win the contest. So, what are they capable of?

Shopify Vs. Square: Features Comparison

Previously Shopify launched its POS system only for iOS. But, after seeing the sheer size that Android market holds, company launched its additional app. So, currently, Shopify shows compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. On the other hand, Square shows compatibility with iPads and this solution is well-optimized for that particular demographic. This is why Shopify is one of the best point-of-sales software.

Shopify Vs. Square: Payment Comparison

Shopify deals with several payment forms. Being a retailer, you can either choose Shopify payments, or external payment processors. However, you will be charged extra fees for disloyalty (when you choose other payment processor except Shopify). Also, Shopify will automatically process the local tax for each transaction. Regardless of payment method, Shopify still attempts to streamline the procedures. Conversely, Square POS is slightly weaker on this feature. Apart from processing credit and debit card and check plus cash, Square fails to stand out to Shopify’s advanced payment offerings. But, unlike Shopify, Square allows you to choose whether to embed tax into items or charge it separately.

In addition to it, in Shopify, you are required to pay a monthly subscription fee. On the other hand, Square POS allows you to pay a percentage of every transaction and is free to use which means there are no setup fees. Upfront costs of both solutions, Shopify and Square, include hardware purchases like barcode scanner, cash drawer, receipt printer etc.

Shopify vs. Square: Ease of implementation

Shopify is a top player when it comes to ease-of-use. Their simple interface, good customer support gives Shopify an edge over others. However, Shopify POS system takes a bit more time to setup just like its competitor square requires some added expertise for its online implementation. But, all can be integrated from end-to-end. On the other hand, Square interface is also quite simple, intuitive and affordable. Even, Square POS is significantly cheaper POS solution than Shopify, thus makes it a good option for small businesses.

Final Verdict

So, which comes out on top? Shopify or Square? Clearly, it’s hard to pick the one because it all depends on your business requirements and what works best for your business model. To sum it up, both are good solutions, but Shopify does have an edge over Square.

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